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Project Warm services could help your family by improving their health and safety, providing household and neighborhood stability, lowering monthly energy usage and reducing your impact on the environment.  

We designed our services with you in mind, and have over 39 years of positive results

First Line Weatherization Services: Homes stay warmer in the cold weather & cooler in hot weather.  We do this by making basic weatherization repairs that may include, but not limited too; door and window repair, caulking, weather-stripping, air sealing, minor drywall and floor repairs.

First Line Qualifications: 

Free Service: up to 200% of poverty

Live in Jefferson County: Own or Rent

We service Homes, Apartments and Trailers. 

To see if you qualify for our First Line Weatherization Services, click here

Project Warm Blitz:  The 2023 Blitz will be held Saturday, October 28th and Saturday, November 4th. More than 500 volunteers winterize and air seal the homes of over 200 seniors and/or disabled individuals. Volunteers are recruited from businesses, congregations, schools and colleges, and trained by our staff.  Mini Blitzes are held after the event through January.

Click here to sign up for the 2023 Blitz as a participant.

Click Here to sign up for the 2023 Blitz as a volunteer.

Blitz Qualifications: 

Age 60 or older, Or a disability that prohibits from participating in an Energy Management Workshop

Live in Jefferson County: Own or Rent. 

Homes and Apartments.  


Energy Management Workshops: 

Learn how to weatherize your own home with hands-on training, and receive a free kit of materials to use at your home!  Also, learn how you can keep more of your own money by taking some easy steps to make your home more energy-efficient.  Anyone living in Louisville is eligible to participate in these workshops.

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